Intuitive Eating Buddy

Intuitive Eating Buddy

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Eating Buddy is a calorie-free food diary that encourages intuitive eating and mindfulness.
By identifying the trends that connect your unique motivation, hunger level, and food choices, you’ll get a deeper understanding of your eating as you take a more conscious and intentional approach.

Remember: you can’t improve what you don’t measure. 📏

Eating Buddy requires no email login and no account creation. Just download and go!

With Eating Buddy, you can…

🍔 Track Your Food 🍔
Select what you ate from our huge menu or add your own food in seconds. You can also add photos for even better tracking.

🤤 Record Your Hunger 🤤
Log your hunger level in the journal at any point during the day, whether eating or not. Rank on a five-point scale, from Hungry to Full.

🤔 Identify Your Reason For Eating 🤔
Are you stressed? Bored? In the mood for something tasty? Or maybe it’s just dinner time. Choose from 6 options or manually enter a custom reason.

🔬 Understand Your Eating Habits 🔬
Look backwards over your food diary and spot the patterns that make up your eating trends and satiety cues.You might be surprised by what a food journal can teach you!

❤️ Get Support for Eating Disorders ❤️
Eating Buddy can be a valuable tool for those dealing with binge eating disorders. By maintaining a detailed food journal, you can track your eating habits, recognise triggers, and gain insights to discuss with your healthcare provider. Understanding your patterns can be an essential step towards recovery and maintaining healthy eating habits.

💪 Support Your Weight Loss Goals 💪
Track your food intake and hunger levels to help manage your weight loss. With detailed records in your food diary, you can identify which eating habits support your goals and which may be holding you back.

🏅 Upgrade For Challenges 🏅
Join in safe and healthy challenges so intuitive eating becomes a game you can win! Earn new badges and watch your stats improve with every meal you log in your food diary.

🧠 Make Each Mealtime Mindful 🧠
Try Eating Buddy today and get clarity on your eating habits. In less than 60 seconds a day you can get a detailed analysis of how you’re treating your body!
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